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Around the NBA with Chris & Eric

Aug 20, 2020

Here is Episode # 40. Welcome to the playoffs. All 8 series have begun. Tune in as Chris and Eric catch you up and give in depth analysis on each of the series so far. The Blazers beat the Lakers in game 1, so look out LA, because you know, it's Dame time. Orlando continued their tradition of winning game 1, taking out the Bucks. The Mavericks have the Clippers number in series that looks like it is going the distance. Toronto and Boston are sleep walking over Brooklyn and Philly. Houston really is better without Westbrook and the Bad blood between Miami and Indiana has yet to boil over. Not to mention Utah isn't playing around and there is no mile high altitude to slow them down, against  a Denver team that is still trying to find themselves. Joe Harris leaves the bubble, Ujiri is innocent, Collins is out, Conley and Rondo are returning and the NBA Draft Lottery is tomorrow. All this and more!